A Mini Apartment Tour | Personal

July 14, 2017

I’ve been anxiously waiting to blog this, but when I finally decided to start photographing our apartment I actually got embarrassed. We have really old shag-looking carpet. Our entire kitchen looks like it’s from the 90’s with it’s old wood-like counters and cabinets. Don’t even get me started on how old the appliances are!! But, I do really love this little place because it’s ours.

A friend of mine said to me the other day, “You’re one of the only friends I have that gets it–You work for everything you have” and I think that’s why I love our little apartment so much. Zach and I have worked hard to be able to live on our own as full-time students at 19 and 22. It’s not easy starting out!! With that being said, we actually really love this place, despite it’s little ugly quirks.

So we don’t have anything fancy, but for this season of our lives, it works. It’s ours and it already holds so many memories. We’re living comfortably (and by that I mean we don’t eat ramen every day! Or at all!) and that’s truly what matters to us right now. Zach won’t be far from campus when he starts at JMU, and I’m loving all of the photo opportunities around Harrisonburg. We also REALLY like being super close to Target…. Or maybe that’s just me 😉

One day we’re going to live in our dream house with granite counter tops, hard wood floors, and a large wrap-around porch, and we’re going to look back and smile on this little place :’)

Enjoy & Thanks for being excited for us, friends!!!


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