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September 6, 2017

You’re probably thinking, “She’s just now getting Pinterest?” but honestly, I’ve had this account set up for about a year now! I used it for a day or two to make outfit inspiration boards and then forgot it existed, but now I’m excited to have it up and running!

The really exciting thing about this go-round is that I’ll also be using this account to share some of my blog posts! With that being said, I would LOVE if you would “Pin” some of the education posts or SMP specific pins! Help a sister out!!

Anyone that “pins” one of the SMP specific pins (It has to be from an SMP board” will receive $25 off their portrait session from now until 9/15/17 as a huge THANK YOU for helping me get the word out there that SMP has a Pinterest account!!

In the meantime, you should definitely browse some of the outfit inspiration if you have an upcoming session! I’m SO ready to get some portraits done with Zach, so I’m loving the fall inspiration board!!

Give us a follow HERE!

Then email me at to receive your $25 off!


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