Happy Birthday, Brittany!

September 7, 2017

I’m realizing now that I’ve never introduced my family on my blog! So what better introduction to my sister than celebrating her birthday?!

If you haven’t met my sister, let me describe her for you: she’s an outspoken (like our Momma!), hardworking momma to my two precious nephews, Dalton and Dylan. She introduced me to my obsession with Target, which also lead to her being a Starbucks frappe junkie (But who am I to talk?!). She’s got a newfound love for raising chickens and quail, and she’s an avid coupon lady. When she’s not super sassy or cussin’ drivers for not using their turn signal, she’s a laugh-until-she-cries, loving soul that never hesitates to bring home ever turtle she’s ever found in or around the side of the road 😉

She’s the best momma to her boys and my first best friend (even though she gave me a few black eyes as a kid and called me “Beavis” for a majority of my childhood)

Today she turns 27, and I hope it turns into her best year yet!

Happy Birthday, Brittany! Love you!


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