Three Tips for A Better Posing Experience

January 31, 2018

I remember when I first started professionally shooting and my biggest fear was posing and telling people what to do. I would get so wrapped up in changing my camera settings and trying to not seem nervous that I would completely blank when it came to posing my client… I was pretty go with the flow, and I quickly realized that was NOT going to work because it just made my client feel awkward and that completely ruins the client experience!

So, after the first few weeks I realized I needed a system. I’m such a planner, so I knew that I needed to walk into every session with a PLAN… So I started with getting comfortable.

Here’s what I recommend for making your clients for more comfortable & how it results in better posing and better photos!

  1. Tell them, “I don’t expect you to be models!” Because I don’t! I know how intimidating it is to be in front of a camera, so I want my clients to know that I don’t expect them to show up and know what to do. I explain that I’ll walk through each pose and if there’s anything I didn’t do that they wanted, to please tell me so we make sure we get everything they had in mind! This makes my clients feel more comfortable from the start, which also means they’ll trust my posing strategies and won’t feel so weird/awkward doing the “nuzzle” 🙂
  2. Talk the Entire Time! This seems like it gets old, but it actually makes everyone feel so much more relaxed! I will talk in between poses, and I talk to my clients as I’m shooting, so they don’t start feeling awkward. Can you imagine how awkward it would be to be in the middle of the pose and the photographer is just standing there clicking away and not saying anything? I can, because I’VE DONE IT! Learn from me, friends! Talk, talk, talk!
  3. Praise Them! Like I said, being in front of a camera is intimidating.. So it really helps to praise your client and to let them know they’re doing GREAT. Build their confidence and let them know that they’re doing exactly what you had envisioned and MORE!

Remember to walk into your next shoot with a PLAN. And the first thing on that plan is allowing your clients to trust you and to feel comfortable with you! Remember that client experience is EVERYTHING!

Keeping Killin’ it, boss babes!




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