Staying Inspired during the Winter Season (A BIG ANNOUCEMENT!)

February 19, 2018

If you’re anything like me, staying inspired during the winter months when everything is COLD and dreary and dead-looking is so hard! I seriously get in a funk because I miss beautiful green grass and glowy lighting… I mean seriously, nothing beats summer golden hour! These winter months are perfect for catching up on the not-so-pretty parts of being a business owner, like bookkeeping and editing contracts, but I really don’t get any creative juices flowing from things like that 😉 So, I wanted to share some things that I’ve found helpful when it’s utterly cold outside and I’m feeling so uninspired!

  1. Create A Pretty Workspace. You may have seen my blog on this a few weeks ago! I love feeling like I have a pretty, organized workspace! Decorating helped me feel inspired!
  2. Meet With Other Photographers! This was a serious game-changer for me! Sure, you can talk photography with your friends, but nothing beats talking to another boss lady that knows exactly what you’re coming from! My photog. friends and I chat over everything from equipment to contracts to coffee… It’s refreshing and it’s so inspiring because we’re able to meet and talk about our goals and businesses and I just walk away feeling so thankful to be in this industry with such great people!! Email photographers in your area and ask to grab coffee!
  3. Invest in Education. Now we’re really talking! I always feel super inspired when I begin learning something new! It doesn’t matter if it’s something as simple as a quick and easy editing trick… If it makes my life easier or can improve my shooting skills, I LOVE IT!

So that brings me to the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!

Sierra McCray Photography is hosting a WORKSHOP!!!!!!

(Cue the confetti!)

The Details:

This is a 5 hour workshop for new/growing photographers that are looking to gain more knowledge about their cameras, building a business, and everything in between! We’ll have an entire two hours of Q + A where we’ll discuss everything from camera settings, posing, lighting, marketing, workflow, editing, and so much more! Each attendee will walk away with tips for starting/growing their business, portfolio images, new headshots, and a network of other photographers to cheer them on! This workshop will be held at my home in Staunton, Virginia on March 24, 2018.



Workshop seats are originally $250 but will be ON SALE for $200 until February 23rd!

*VA sales tax is added to your workshop seat!


  1. I’ve been in business for a year, would this workshop benefit me? This workshop is geared towards anyone who is looking to expand their knowledge on camera settings, marketing, editing, etc., If you still feel like you need some guidance in those areas, then yes, this is for you!!
  2. What Should I Bring? Your DSLR Camera, a positive attitude, and business cards if you have them! Don’t forget that you’re getting new headshots, so wear something you love!
  3. Are Seats Refundable if I Can’t Make It? Unfortunately, no! Because seats are limited, they are not refundable!
  4. What If I’m Not Really in Business Yet? That’s fine! If you’re looking to start a professional photography business this workshop will be SO informational to you and will guide you in the right direction!
  5. How do I snag my spot? Shoot me an email at


Highlights of the Workshop:

-Two Hours of Q + A about workflow, shooting tips, editing, etc.,

-Portfolio Building: We will have a styled couple’s shoot AND I’m going to walk you through curating your Instagram feed with a mini iPhone lesson!


-Networking: You’re going to walk away with new boss lady photographer friends cheering you on!

-New Headshots!



Ready to snag your spot? Email me at




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