2018 Florida Vacation Pt. 1

March 13, 2018

Vacation, you didn’t last long enough!! Coming home from a week-long, warm vacation is hard as it is, but coming home to SNOW… That was rough!! I still think my poor body is in shock from going from the warm weather in Key West to the COLD weather in Virginia BUT it is good to be home and sleeping in my own bed again.

My best friend, Daniel, started planning this trip back in January and in some ways, we felt like March would NEVER GET HERE!! We were anxious to experience Miami for Spring Break… But that wasn’t our entire trip!! After a 16 hour drive, we stayed in Miami for 4 nights before hoping in the car again to stay in Key West!

Miami: Miami was like a totally different world! The night-life was incredible, the streets/little shops were beautiful, and the weather was amazing etc., but we did NOT experience any kind of “southern hospitality.” We were all a little in awe by all the fancy cars, like Ferarri’s, lamborghini’s, and our personal favorite because Daniel got a photo with it…A ROLLS ROYCE! That was seriously a highlight of the trip–read the caption when you get to that photo 😉

Key West: Talk about southern hospitality!! When we were checking into our resort (Ocean’s Edge Resort was absolutely INCREDIBLE!), the receptionists was an absolute doll and we LOVED speaking to her!! She was SO SWEET and so nice to us, which was significantly different than our experience in Miami 😉 Our resort looked like something out of a movie, the weather was amazing, and everyone was SO NICE!! It was the perfect way to end our trip before a 20+ hour drive home!!

Highlights of the Trip:

-Walking through the Art Deco District and seeing all the 50s styled buildings!! It’s like walking back in time!

-Visiting the Erotic Art Museum.. Not sharing any photos from this because they’re not blog-appropriate, but it was a good time!!!! 😉

-Walking through Wynwood Park and looking at the beautiful murals! Oh, and Becca got married here to a guy named Carlos from Canada.

-Our Valet at the Miami hotel was such a cutie. He had some G-Eazy hair going on and every time we saw him I’d say “Wow, he’s just so beautiful..” The day we left Miami he was off work :(((

-Visiting Little Havana!!! What a cute little town full of so much character! It’s pretty cool to say we smoked cigars in Little Havana!

-Key West.. The resort itself was beautiful… Our room looked like it belonged in a magazine! I was just so impressed. Good choice, Dan!!

-Visiting the most southern point of the US! Definitely a cool experience!!

-SEAFOOD. Crab cakes in Key West two nights in a row… My mouth is watering just thinking about them. Is it July yet? I’m ready for my birthday trip and more fresh seafood.

To Daniel:

Thank you, again, for planning yet another amazing trip full of great experiences and incredible memories. You went above and beyond to plan this trip and we are all so, SO thankful for you. You’re an incredible person, travel agent, and my very best friend. I can’t wait for many more road trips together!!! Is it July yet??

Enjoy our photos from our adventures, then revisit the blog in a few days to see the portraits we took in Key West!!

And some iPhone shots:

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