Friday Introduction (Blog Style!)

April 6, 2018

By now, you’ve probably seen a photographer or other small business owner do a #fridayintroductions post on Instagram! If not, I’m very surprised 😉 Anyways, this is basically a way to introduce yourself new followers! I love it because I always find out so many interesting things from all my Insta friends, so I figured I’d do a longer version today on the blog!

Since you’ve made it this far, you probably already know the basics about me: I’m Sierra! I’m a wedding and high school senior portrait photographer based in Staunton/Harrisonburg, Virginia. I love the color teal, I drink entirely too much coffee, I’m obsessed with golden retriever puppies, and I started my business at the young age of 18!!

However, I’m going to share some pretty random things about myself today!

  1. I often hear, “Sierra? Haven’t heard that name before” which is strange 😉 but anyways, I always follow that with “Yep, my dad named me after a bullet company” which is 100% true. Sierra bullets are definitely the best of the best 😉 Can you tell we’re hunters? Haha!
  2. To add to that, no one that knows me personally actually calls me Sierra. Almost my entire family calls me, “Seera” which came from my nephews–they couldn’t say “Sierra” when they were little, so Seera stuck. My old work buddies call me “Serrrrrarrrra” which is an inside joke, but seriously, the entire company knew me as SERRRRARRRRRA. I answer to all of those names, but these days, “Sierra” sounds really foreign to me 😉
  3. Everyone knows that basically everything I own is teal. I LOVE TEAL. However, my least favorite colors are purple and orange. I really like pastels, and my favorite color combo would be teal/navy/grey/white!
  4. A huge part of my childhood/teenage years was showing livestock! I could write an entire blog post on what this means to me and how incredibly thankful I am for the friendships and experiences I gained through this, but I’ll leave it at this: showing lambs was my passion and with the help of incredible mentors/friends, I won a few shows, including the Virginia State Fair!!!
  5. A lot of people ask me what my own dream wedding would be like, and while I’m NO where near getting married, I can tell you a few things: I want something similar to the White Sparrow Barn in Texas, an arch of fresh, pink flowers, most likely teal bridesmaids dresses, & navy suits for the guys… I’d probably have pulled pork BBQ as a main entree, but if Chick-Fil-A nuggets were an option, I’d highly consider it 😉
  6. I can’t cook, so three ingredient crock pot meals are my go-to.
  7. I have three tattoos, and another one is decided upon! This next one will be the biggest I have AND it’ll be on my ribs, so yeah, it’s going to be a while before I’m brave enough to do that one!
  8. I’m obsessed with quotes and short poems (Like Milk and Honey Poems). I have an entire secret Pinterest board full of them. I’m not sure why I like them so much, but they always kind of guide me through rough spots, so I guess I look to them for power and inspiration!
  9. I REALLY want to visit Charleston, SC!!
  10. A super random thing to know about me: I love tomatoes. We grow a garden every year, and I can literally eat a fresh, homegrown tomato like an apple.. Just give me a little salt and pepper 😉 However, I hate mushrooms, onions, oysters, & cabbage.
  11. My Pawpaw is my favorite person in the world. If I don’t visit him, we talk on the phone almost every day…. And we only live like 5 miles apart! We’ve gotten so close in the last few months and I’m so thankful for that!
  12. I like so many different types of music!! Really, my taste in music is anything from Tim McGraw to G-Eazy. This week I’ve been listening to Shy Glizzy, Cardi B, Jason Aldean, and Julie Roberts… No kidding!!! It just depends what kind of mood I’m in!
  13. I love the beach, but the beach doesn’t love me…. HELLO sunburn!
  14. I’ve never been ice-skating or snowboarding. I dislike cold weather and all the activities that come with it.
  15. I hardly EVER watch TV… Like, I just realized two weeks ago that my parents have a SmartTV… They’ve had it for over two years.. Haha!! However, every now and then I do like watching Parks and Rec or Gossip Girl on Netflix!

So, here’s 15 SUPER random things to know about the crazy, teal-loving lady behind the camera at SMP… Thanks for letting me introduce myself!



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