February 2019: Life Update


February 19, 2019

Y’all… It’s been a hot minute since I’ve updated you on my life around here!! To be honest, it was nice to finally slow down around Christmas. I avoided my laptop at all costs, spent time with family, & finally took a real break. I accepted a job a few weeks before Christmas and would start in January, so I knew I needed to soak in all the free time I had and just enjoy doing NOTHING for a little bit!

Following my little holiday break, I started my new job and I LOVE IT! I feel so blessed to be doing something that I enjoy and working with such a fun team. I love the gals I work with and I am just very thankful!!

This time off also started another new journey for me!! I have an INTERN!!! When Allison asked me a few months ago if she could intern with me, I was so honored!! I worried that she would be starting during the slow season when most of the work is back-end not-so-fun things like bookkeeping and emails, but so far, we have gotten a lot done!! We’re starting a project and she’ll be tagging along to sessions this spring/summer!! I’m so thankful for her this season while I’m also adjusting to my new job/commute… She’s a life saver! You’ll get a more formal introduction to Allison later this week 😉

Other big things in my life include…. I bought ANOTHER car! I never imagined me being a two-car gal, but I needed something better on gas for my daily commute to Charlottesville. I welcomed another Honda to my driveway and while it’s nothing fancy or special, I’m SO happy to be saving on gas and keeping the miles off my Pilot!

Another big change… I am BLONDE! Even though I haven’t been busy with sessions and weddings this winter, I’ve still been busy and haven’t had time to take new headshots… They’re coming sooner or later!! Can’t wait to show ya the new blonde locks 😉 I can’t say enough great things about Hailey at Salon Flo in Staunton… If you’re needing a new hair color, CONTACT HER!!

Other new things that aren’t as exciting: I love exploring Charlottesville for my job! I’m having a blast discovering local businesses and trying new places. I’m learning the city fairly well and feel proud of myself when I don’t have to use my GPS to get somewhere 😉

Things are starting to pick up and March is already getting booked for sessions, so I’m excited to be back to my hustlin’ and working with all my 2019 couples!! I can’t believe it’s already 2019 and they’re getting MARRIED this year!

So, that’s what’s new these days… I promise I’ll be back on the blog more these days 😉

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