Meet My Intern, Allison!

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February 23, 2019

Hi everyone!!! Welcome to my first blog ever!!

I’m Allison! Since this is our first time meeting, I’m going to share some random facts about myself!

  1. I’m Sierra’s intern for the semester!!! I’m so excited to meet everyone!
  2. I attend Bridgewater College where I study art – mostly digital art! I’m local to the Broadway & Harrisonburg area, too!2
  3. How did Sierra and I meet? Through the bridal store I work at! I’ve been working at Reflections Bridal for 5 years and I love every second!!!
  4. Can I have all the coffee things? Chocolate covered coffee beans, coffee ice cream, a Mocha Frappuccino from Starbucks… Coffee is definitely my go-to drink!
  5. One of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow is @thedogist because who doesn’t love their feed filled with adorable dog photos?!?
  6. I have a puppy named Pepper! She’s two years old and is absolutely spoiled! Does anyone else call dogs puppies no matter how old they are?
  7. I have a weak spot for all things antique! Take me to the Factory Antique Mall in Verona and I could be there for days! My favorite thing to find? Colored glass bottles and mason jars!
  8. My happy place is Murrell’s Inlet, SC! I love the small-town atmosphere and close-knit community and it’s only 20 minutes from Myrtle Beach!
  9. I don’t watch TV, but I do watch Netflix on occasion! My favorite shows or movies so far are: The 100, Riverdale and all the Avenger movies!
  10. I was in band for 6 years! I played the clarinet!

Thanks for letting me introduce myself!


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