Meet Annie!


May 12, 2019

You’re probably thinking, “ANOTHER DOG?!”… Yep! I have wanted my own pup for a while now (a golden retriever, to be exact!) but since I live at home and my parents are strictly dachshund people, I was OK with a dachshund pup!

My sister had actually planned on getting a dachshund puppy and had been in contact with a local breeder for a waitlist. When Annie was only a few hours old, they sent photos of her to my sister and I immediately said I’d take her if Brittany wasn’t able to (she already has dogs and cats and chickens, so another dog was a no-no, haha!). We visited that day and she fit in the palm of my hand… I was already so excited and couldn’t wait to bring her home!

Her name, Pistol Annie (Annie for short), is after one of my favorite country music groups! I brought her home last Thursday. She’s a whooping 2.6 pounds and she already has SO much personality. The boys (Mickey, Scout, and Charlie) have been doing so well with her. I think she’ll fit right in with our chaos 🙂 I can’t wait to take her places this summer, but for now she just eats, sleeps, and chews on things. I’m already so obsessed!!

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