August 3, 2018

Wrapping up a full week of blogging with Kelly & Brandon’s session from last weekend!! I met Kelly through Instagram and she has become such a sweet friend! She recently helped me celebrate my birthday & gifted me the cutest wine glass!!! Kelly and Brandon drove over an hour to my little home town for […]

August 2, 2018

Talk about having CRAZY weather conditions lately… We’ve tried scheduling Catherine & Brandon’s engagement session twice and the weather just hasn’t cooperated… Despite the weather looking cloudy, we decided to go ahead and give it a shot because the first time we rescheduled for gloomy/rainy weather, the SUN popped out… So we hoped this time […]

August 1, 2018

Raven’s Roost is a special place for Ashlynn & Jacob, so it only made sense to have their anniversary session there! The weather was kind of overcast, but we were NOT expecting to watch the rain roll in! It was beautiful and so cool! We took as many portraits as we could before the rain […]

July 31, 2018

July has been such a crazy month, so I’m a little behind on blogging! I hosted discounted couple’s sessions for the entire month and it was a huge success! Dylan gifted Hailey a session for her birthday, and we actually ended up taking their photos on their anniversary! How sweet is that?! We had a […]

July 20, 2018

This session was so much fun!! Prior to last Friday, I had never formally met Lindsay and Chase but when they showed up, I felt like Lindsay was my long-lost friend! She’s just so sweet and I loved meeting her! Chase was great, too, but he’s not as enthusiastic about Old Navy sales and wedding […]

July 18, 2018

This session is just so special for so many reasons! For starters, I feel really old now that these two have both graduated. I’ve known Kyrsten and Colton through showing livestock, and it just feels so crazy that they’re ADULTS now. Second, Kyrsten completely surprised me when we arrived on location and she handed me […]